Summertime Car Care Advice

By now the you’ve felt the Summer begin to set in, and soon that stubborn New England sun will put your car to the test. Summer can be as harsh on your car as the winter, so we’ve put together our best summertime car care advice for your car. Before you truck your family through 90-degree heat for a summer break at the beach, make sure you do a few things for your car.

Express Oil Change

Replenish the oil in your car and, if possible, upgrade to synthetic oil if the make and model of your car allows for it. (ALWAYS consult the owner’s manual). We’ve prepared for your beach breaks, and there is plenty of oil in stock! Check out our oil change menu – we offer a deal where you get a free car wash with every oil change, so you may as well take us up on the offer.

Auto Detail

Recharge your car’s appearance now, before the summer heat really sets in, by getting your car shining Auto Bright at our auto detailing center. Heat always amplifies odor, so that Dunkin Donuts bag your threw under your car seat a week ago or the old gym shoes you left in the trunk will kick their scents into high gear under the New England sun. Worst part? Those odors linger far longer afterward than you’d ever imagined, so it’s best to come down now. Check out our auto detail page for our special packages and call us with questions about anything.

Car Wash

Just like odors set in the warmer months, so, too, do the droppings from above. You’ve noticed that the birds are back, and sometimes it seems like they all got together for a meeting on your car. Get those stains out as quickly as you can, as they can be corrosive to your car’s shiny finish, which will reduce the value of your car. Pair your car wash with an oil change and get your car wash on us.

So stop down to Auto Bright for your Summer, and get your car clean, gassed up and good on oil.

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