How often should you wash your car?

Massachusetts offers particularly harsh conditions for cars and trucks – everything from ocean salt mixing with the wind and blowing inland to salty, post-snowstorm roads to this thick sheets of pollen that encrust your car in the early-to- mid spring, as well as the searing heat in the summer time. All of it can be very damaging to your car’s paint job, as well as its performance.

So how often should you wash your car?

Some experts think you should wash your car once a week to maintain and protect it from the elements, but we here at Auto Bright would amend that statement. It’s during these months mentioned above where you should get your car washed once a week or, as many of our customers do,come in right after one of those events like a heavy snowstorm or a heavy pollen coating. During the summer months you can probably feel comfortable going a bit longer between washes — maybe two weeks or maybe you only come see us after a pigeon has come to see your car.

You should know, though, that salt is one of the biggest enemies to your car and that even if you don’t see it on the surface, it could be on your undercarriage, in your wheel wells and other important parts of your car. This is important to remove because salt residue reacts with the metal in your vehicle and causes rust. Our all-cloth automatic car wash is designed to remove the salt from your car for this reason, but whether you decide to use one of our self-serve car wash bays, or if you decide to get your hose out and wash your car in your driveway, remember to clean the underside of your car thoroughly to prolong its life, it’s resale value and it’s shine.

If your car could talk, it would thank you.

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How often should you wash your car?