Car Wash

Auto Bright offers a number of options to get your car looking its best. From our all-cloth, automatic car wash to the do-it-yourself car wash bays — as well as our auto detailing center and vacuums — we’ve got you covered!


All-Cloth Automatic Car Wash

If you can imagine your car as a child — then taking it through our famous all-cloth car wash is like taking that child to a candy store, a toy store and the movies all at once.

self serve carwash

Do-It-Yourself Car Wash Bays

Our self-service, do-it-yourself car wash bays were designed to make cleaning your car as easy as it was in your own driveway, only far better, far quicker and — and this is the best part — no cleanup afterwards.

car vacuums

Car Vacuums

Some people prefer to wash their car first at our car wash, then vacuum out their cars. Some people do it in reverse — washing their car after they vacuum their cars. The last thing we want to do at Auto bright is to tell you how to do it. We just have the tools to allow you to get your car clean, gassed up, and good on oil.